Ray Foley’s passion for film and music is woven seamlessly throughout the immersive, penetrating style that has made him an industry standout for more than 15 years. Working for giants such as Albert Maysles, Bob Giraldi, Susan Froemke and Robert Leacock, Foley offers poignant glimpses into the private world of the recording artist, from the crafting and recording of AARON NEVILLE’s latest album to HARRY BELAFONTE’s inspired quest to change humanity through music. Foley's studied intimacy caught the eye of Verve Records, resulting in a trio of deeply personal and moving music videos for country balladeer TEDDY THOMPSON. He has recently collaborated with SNL photographer Mary Ellen Matthews on a portrait of singer/songwriter James Maddock. His film, "The Salvation Blues", featuring Mark Olson of The Jayhawks, is in current release on The Documentary Channel. Foley’s work is as diverse as it is vast, and throughout it runs the enduring thread of his emotionally powerful approach.
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